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He is rocking this fatherhood business, meet this month's s#dadcrush Tanner from The Coulee Cottage

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This months Dad crush is Tanner from @thecouleecottage ! His wife was the mom crush for August so of course we had to have him as our Dad crush this month! We met him the same time we met his wife at a Christmas market last year. He is so friendly and very supportive of others. He is awesome to be around! He is rocking this fatherhood business to his two little girls (and another babe on the way), and just crushing his own business with his wife. The art that he creates is amazing and he puts his heart into every piece. You need to check them out! 💋T ,K, T

1) What advice would you give to a new dad?

  • Find the things that makes your child smile/laugh, and do that often. Seeing you’re kids happy brings a lot of joy into your life. Also don’t give up on things that make you happy, find time for yourself. Your kids will see the difference in your happiness. 


2) What do you do now that you are a father that you never thought you would before you had kids?

  • Having two girls (almost 3) I never thought I’d be buying so many coordinating outfits, or liking to drive our mini van. 

3) Would you ever be a stay at home dad?

  • I feel like I am already. Ky and I share a business, so that means sharing home time and pretty much everything else!

4) What do you admire most about the mother of your children?

  • How much love and service she has towards others. She always finds time to help other people when she can, even when she’s having a down day, she always encourages me to do the same. 

5) What do you like to do in your “free time”?

  • My free time usually involves trying to find my way to Progressive Fighting Academy, or working out in our garage gym (though my girls tend to join me) I used to fight professionally so it’s my favourite pass time to learn new techniques, get abused by my friends and stay in shape. 

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