This #MomPreneur inspires all of us!! ⚡️Meet Baby Laurel's Krista

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This #MomBoss INSPIRES us SO MUCH ⚡️ She took her passion and made a success out of it! Did we mentioned we idolize her multi-tasking skills 🙌🏻.  She is one mama that balances raising a toddler, being the stores accountant, marketing guru, event planner and purchaser...the list goes on! If you haven't seen her cuuuute 😍😍😍 boutique, then what are you waiting for!! She has the CUTEST baby + toddler + mama stuff, and did we mention quality!?  She is always on the lookout to find the best products and latest trends to make motherhood the best it can be 🙋🏼‍♀️.

Read more on why she's our December #MomCrush✨ and if you haven't stopped in to her store yet, see her online selection   👉🏻 here 👈🏻

1) If you could give any advice to a new parent, what would it be?   

"Parenting is hard, and it's ok to be honest with yourself about that! Social media makes it seem like all these moms and families have their shit figured out, and to be honest we are all just trying to survive! Just be easy on yourself and do what works for you and your family. " 🙌🏻

2) When you have had an exceptionally long day and you don’t feel like cooking, what is your quick go-to meal for the kids?

"My son is two and currently lives off of toast, purees, and crackers.... and this is no joke! The kid will not eat! I very rarely can get him to eat much else! So on the daily he is low maintenance when it comes to needing to cook for him!"

3) What's your favorite thing to do on date night? 

"Date night? What the heck is that! When my husband and I have time on our own we seriously just want to sleep!

4) What treat will you never say no to?

"Chocolate 🍫🍫🍫.... 100% Anything Chocolate, cake, ice, cream you name it!"

5)  What is your favourite thing to do during ‘Mommy’s alone time’?   

"There is not as much time for Mommy Time now with having the store... I made time for it way more often when I was on Maternity Leave.  A massage and some time getting my hair and nails done is always a treat..... but seriously, a quiet trip to the grocery store is a pleasure at this point!"


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 Love ya Krista & thank you for inspiring us ✨

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