She’s THE best baker 🧁 + the sweetest mama bear 🐻

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This mama is seriously the best baker around! She runs @vanillabean.homebakery here in Lethbridge and her baked goods are to die for 😍 Those have no words, just drool 🤤 I hope she’ll take my resume as a taste tester 🙋‍♀️ She also is just the sweetest person ever, you will love her. I am so excited to introduce you to Lindsay! See why she’s our #momcrush this month 👇🏻

💋 Talayna

1) If you could give any advice to a new parent, what would it be?

Well FIRST off I would say, don't buy a ton of new born crap! They fit into it for 5 minutes IF they even fit into it haha and you're left with expensive doll's so tempting when you're expecting your first, but learn from my massive mistake and just don't. Let them look like a baller in their baggy 0-3 month for a few weeks if they're tiny!
Secondly, evvvvveryone has an opinion...even the random middle aged dude at Home Depot (*ahem* legit some 45 year old guy needed to know whether I was breast feeding...because, you know, breast is best he says...que eye roll. Thanks Home Depot guy that's nunya busines, now go fetch me my light fixture). Just do you. Only you know what is best for you and your new baby and don't let anyone tell you otherwise or make you feel bad like you're doing something wrong. 
Lastly, haha clearly I have thought about this one before, is don't let social media get you down. It is so so so easy as a new mom/parent to let the picture perfect little squares on your phone make you feel like you're inadequate because you haven't showered in a few days or put a real bra on or done your hair. Just because your baby has been wearing a sleeper all week and not been dolled up doesn't mean you're failing, it means you're human just like those people really are behind those pretty little pictures. You're amazing and that's all you need to know. 

2) When you have had an exceptionally long day and you don’t feel like cooking, what is your quick go-to meal for the kids?
My daughter lives for hummus ha! So strange I know, but if I'm feelin lazy (which is a solid 75% of the time) I slap some hummus, bread and maybe some cut up veg if I'm feeling ambitious on her tray and she's happy as a clam!

3) What is your favourite thing to do on date night?
Well shoot Sherlock, haven't had one of those in a while haha hmmm my husband and I love to bowl!! We are both extremely competitive so it usually ends with one of us being kinda mad but we always have a ton of fun! We love arcades and tacky carnival games too so if I could choose it would be a day date to a fair!

4) What treat will you never say no to?
Nanaimo bars. They're my weekness haha annnnnd a salted pretzel. Not the little hard nasty kind they throw into the chip bag just to fill it up knowing no one will eat it....I mean the big soft doughy pretzel with the delicious pretzel salt. 

5) What do you do when it is “Mommy’s Time”?

I love a good bath! I am also a documentary junkie...I would rather binge watch documentaries than reality tv or a chick flick any day! Mommy time for me is best spent with friends though!

Bonus Questions: What made you want to start your own business? 
I have a really strange obsessive personality when it comes to all things arts and crafts. Like I must try it RIGHT NOW. Baking for me was one of those things I just had to try....and it stuck! It was a hobby/experiment, turned busier hobby, turned small side biz and now we have our little shop! I still truly LOVE to bake so there's no signs of stopping....although I do have some other things I desperately want to try haha (Pottery, embroidery, name a few)

What is your go to old school jam?

Anything Sean Paul, Pitbull or Daddy Yankee haha! Nelly and Kelly 'Dilemma' gets me every time too 

 If you could have a superpower what would it be?
I would like to be able to teleport myself!!! I love to travel SO MUCH and this would make that much much easier...and cheaper haha. Also I would love to go back in time to see how freakin awesome certain time periods were!! Like the 60's and 70's!

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