This #bosslady⚡️ thrives on helping others, meet our August #momcrush Samantha 😍

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This beautiful Mom and #bosslady runs the best private dayhome in Lethbridge.(psst...if you haven't heard of it 👉 @theduckpondchildcare) Her dayhome provides everything a little ‘duckling’ may need to be happy and healthy in life. 

Samantha thrives on helping others, is always there to make you feel good about yourself, and always has a kind word to say when you’re having a bad day ⚡️

This Mama cheers my day up 🙌 and makes my life so much better. Not having to worry about whether or not my son is happy when I’m working is everything a Mother could ask for 🖤  

Cheers to this wonderful and quick-witted woman. We love your healthy snacks (and also the parties you always throw) 🦆

1) If you could give any advice to a new parent, what would it be?


Even though what you just accomplished, bringing a human into the world, is amazing and makes you feel like a freaking superhero, and you are, but, unfortunately, you can not do it all. If you try to do it all I guarantee you will burn yourself out. Yes, I’m speaking from experience.

You are now only responsible for two things:

  • Keeping this new human satisfied,
  • Taking really, really good care of yourself.
  • Let that friend come over and cook you supper, let your Mom do your laundry and let your baby daddy take the babe for a drive so you can nap, shower, eat or whatever you want to do!! 

This also means trusting your mom gut and asking for specialized help too: 

  • Babe not sleeping? Call Kayla at Kpzzzs.
  • Babe have a weird rash? Go to the doctor again, even if it’s the 3rd time that month. 
  • Babe not eating properly? Consult a nutritionist like on Instagram.
  • Feeling lonely and sheltered or just looking to get out of the house? Checkout Mommy Connections and get out and meet new Mamas, I guarantee you someone is feeling the same way you are!! 

These resources and more are all out here for you to use, please, please use them!!

2) My favourite thing to make for supper:

I love hosting and celebrating so any large and exciting meal that I can plan in depth and get my charger plates and cloth napkin holders out for I’m in! 

Turkey dinner for Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving or themed Birthdays or any themed dinner really, even a random Saturday BBQ that I somehow find a way to make themed... 

As for my daughter though? If I made Annie’s cheesy noodles and/or grilled cheese every night for the rest of her childhood I have a feeling she would be ok with that!

3) What's your old school jam? 

Music is everything to me, you will never come into my house, or my car, and not hear music!

I love everything 90’s and a little of the early 2000’s and how when you hear a song it immediately transports you back to where you were when that song was popular on the radio. 

If I had to pick just one “jam” artist I’d have to go with 1996-1999 Will Smith, and yes, I will rap every single word to you. Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It...

4. If you could have a superpower what would it be? 

I would love to be able to freeze time in the day for everyone except myself. I could tidy the house, do a load of laundry, get some bookwork done for our Dayhome, take a nap, meal prep for the week, take a hot shower (maybe even shave my legs) and then pick up right where I froze time and finally there would be enough hours in the day! 


Thank you so much mama for being a part of our #momgang and the support that you have given to this community of moms and their little ones! 

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