This Mama has the sweetest smile💥 and will make you feel like a million bucks the first time you meet her 🙋⚡️

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Meet Karen!!

Her kind heart and ability to make you feel at home while she shapes your eyebrows into a masterpiece, makes her more than deserving to be our March #MommCrush of the month 😍😍😍!!!! . Karen owns a business called @nofilterbrows_microblading and is a wonderful Mother to her two sons and puppy dog 🐶. This woman is a breath of fresh air and I truly feel lucky to have had the privilege of meeting her. 💋 

Thank you for motivating us, and for being a part of this #momgang community and inspiring everyone around you!!

✨ and if you haven't stopped in to see her and get your sexy eyebrows done check her out   👉🏻 here 👈🏻


1) If you could give any advice to a new parent, what would it be?   

Embrace the chaos!!! My boys are 14 months apart, & there were oooooh so many days that I wondered how I’d get through the busyness, & most basic tasks of each day when they were littles. All they needed was my as teenagers, although they’re both still very affectionate, somedays it feels like all they need is the wifi password! I’d give anything to get back some of those crazy, spend every waking (& sometimes sleeping) moments of the day with them!

2) When you have had an exceptionally long day and you don’t feel like cooking, what is your quick go-to meal for the kids?

Go-To meal that I don’t have to cook, Edo, or Chopped Leaf. All 3 have menus we can all agree on, & although my boys enjoy some of it, theres not much fast food out there that doesn’t want to make my throw up in my mouth a little.

I’m also super fortunate that my 16 year old is a rock star in the kitchen! He steps up to the plate to help with preparing family meals on his own all the time.

3) What treat will you never say no to?
I will never, ever, ever say no to chocolate, Whips Salted Caramels, a glass of wine, a coffee & baileys (even on a hot day), hickory sticks, literally anything on the Starbucks menu ..... Wait, how many things am I allowed to name??
4) What do you do when it is “Mommy’s Time”?
Mommy time for me is one of two things. It’s taking some time to create something that I hope will help make the world a pretty place, or a hot bath with a glass of wine, & tunes cranked. Oh make that three... we can’t forget the occasional beer with a bestie.....well we can forget, but that would be more like 6 beer.
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