Donuts and sugar... and also cake.

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I am the ultimate sugar addict.  I have been trying to get a hold of myself for years and I have come to the realization, it ain't happening.  I don't even say ain't but it just sounds good when you are trying to make a point.  ANYWAYS, it has been two hours since I had my last treat, and I am already jonsing for the next one.  What was my treat you ask?  It was some crappy poppy seed cake at a family get-together.  I mean it was ok, but you know when you waste your poor decisions on something that you didn't enjoy to the fullest, well that was how it was.  

It's 10pm on a Saturday night and I am sitting at my computer trying not to think about hammering back the treatzza pizza in the freezer right now.  Ok I also had 5 (8-12) mini eggs, 2 cookies, and 3 lindor chocolates at the party if we're being honest.  Maybe if I have a piece of cheese the crazing will go away.........

NOPE, still there.  I should probably just go to bed (after checking on my giant toddler 15 more times of course), I am not some monster.  I am seriously so hungry, I'll just have a small bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.  What the F#*@K is wrong with me?  I shouldn't even bother working out, it's a total waste of time.  No, no I have to work out, so that I can eat the cake.  Just going to refill the Cheerios bowl a tiny bit, it's not considered two bowls if it's just a refill. 

The Treatzza Pizza is gone and I hate myself.  Goodnight.  

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