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We are so excited to introduce ourselves to those who don’t know us already as ‘The Naked Parent’. The mamas behind the scene are Tawny Dere and Talayna Zacharias. 
We sell classy and cozy clothing, we discuss tips and tricks of parenting, and we love to interact with our beautiful community while doing it!  
As the Naked Parent, we’ve grown stronger as a whole with our community and within our own mamahood journey. We want to send it back. We want to inspire other mamas to become the best version of themselves with future collaborations and upcoming events. 


Why the lightning bolt? Because mama, you are powerful, strong, and one of a kind, just like lightning.
You always keep going, you can take on anything that comes your way in motherhood, and you spread your love like wild fire. You are a superhero, and your super powers shine onto this world.
Shine on mama