Top buns and Mascara

Dear Mama's,

We will be posting future tips and tricks to look your best (or at the very least better on those darker days) so keep checking back to see what is new on the beauty docket!

Kristin, our sweet junkie Mama, is excited to share her experience with microblading versus permanent tattooed brows with you coming in September.  There will be many more tricks of the trade to come as well, please hit us up and let us know if there is anything you want to see in particular.

Remember ladies.... if you are ever down in the dumps and feeling like your postpartum bod is not up to snuff, please give your head a shake.  Put on some red lipstick and remember you just made a baby and strut your sexy ass on down the sidewalk.  You are a Mama and you have ZERO to worry about, we all come in different shapes and sizes, you just be you.  

Boob milk stains pair great with a bold lip, I am telling you.